Thank You!

In Gratitude to The Pagan Community

From Ken and Liz


hp-hpsFor those of you who had not heard, I had total kidney failure a few months ago and my not being able to work has left Liz and I in a medical and financial debacle as we struggled to keep up with medical costs. Then, friends and members of the community came together to put on the “Ken Ra Benefit” held recently at Sacred Paths Center.
   The gifts that have come to us through this outpouring of support are numerous, substantial and deeply touching! There is deep gratitude in our hearts for both the monetary contributions as well as the deluge of kindness and caring that has raised our spirits during this challenging time.  We would like you all to know that the financial contributions raised through the benefit came to just over a very hefty and appreciated $5,000.00 and the thoughtfulness of so many people has been beyond price to us.

 Another very moving gift, way beyond our personal needs, unfolded before us that we would like to share with you.  We began teaching the craft roughly 30 years ago and saw this community in its infancy when it was smaller and more divided.  What we saw at the benefit, as we stood in the middle of our community, was truly an amazing and awesome spiritual evolution!

There were many different people and various groups from far and wide all joined together …united…in a common cause, in an interest beyond themselves.  Now, I am a bit embarrassed that the cause happened to be my health problems, but before the Gods, I will tell you this.  That the hope, the dream and even the glimmer of a Pagan community moving beyond its differences to stand together, shoulder to shoulder is a dream we would have walked through anything to see!

Thank you all for sharing your hearts and healing warmth in a way that not only helps us in our time of need but also rekindles our dreams and hopes for our Pagan community.  We hope that you see and find happiness as we do, in the promise of a bright future found in such times that we stand shoulder to shoulder.  We feel such pride in being part of a Pagan community that has the humanity and maturity to reach beyond differences and to reach beyond the demands of personal life to come together in a united effort.  We extend our deepest gratitude to the Pagan community for coming together to stand with us against our misfortune. 

 With Appreciation and Thanks – Ken and Liz

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